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Wayne, of course, will have the help of a new Dristito Prosecutor, Harvey Dent, who is known for his heavy-handedness against crime. But his plans are frustrated by the appearance of a new threat: the Joker, a sadistic psychopath who is obsessed with Batman, so he will become his main enemy.

Darren Star is known to have been the man behind the successful and popular Sex And The City, and now he lands on Netflix with a new bet: Emily in Paris.

The series, starring actress Lily Collins, follows a young New Yorker who lands a job in France at a marketing company seeking to give the company an American approach.

In Parisian lands, learn the traditions and customs that distance you from what life is in the United States.

Ryan Murphy surprises again with a new movie in the Netflix catalog before the premiere of The Boys in the Band, an adaptation of Mart Crowley’s 1968 play.

The story centers on a group of gay friends getting together to celebrate the birthday of one of them. However, as the hours pass, the evening that has been filled with alcohol and music will begin to reveal the grudges and fractures that exist between them.

After five seasons where “they got away with it”, the protagonists of How To Get Away With Murder will have to face all the mistakes they made in the past and with that we will discover who will pay for their actions and who will not survive it.

This week the last season of How To Get Away With Murder, a drama starring Viola Davis that came to an end last April in the United States, premiered. The last fifteen chapters of this story will reveal whether Annalize Keating and her group of students will have to pay for the crimes they have been involved in in recent years.

For weeks now, the documentary called The Dilemma of Social Networks has been available in the Netflix catalog, a record of just over 90 minutes that deals with how these platforms have influenced our lives and society around the world. impacting fully on people’s mental health.

In addition, it gives an account of how these media have hit politics, the economy and international relations, also functioning as a method to spread conspiracy theories, fake news and spreading far-right ideologies or that of flat-earthers throughout the world.