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Regarding going to the worst scenario and thinking about the terrible consequences that this situation can have for you and your family, it does not help us to continue dealing with it on a day-to-day basis. In these moments of uncertainty it is convenient to be focused on the present and what depends on you, maintaining a safe distance and trying to protect yourself as much as you can.

SARA: I am 21 years old. A year and a half ago I went to Costa Rica to live since it is the only country that offered me the opportunity to study medicine, a career that I certainly love. There I met my boyfriend also Spanish and a student of the same. Time went by and I actually adore this profession 3 months ago I went to live with him and I felt so happy and fulfilled until due to the covid-19 situation we had to go hastily and disconcertingly to Spain. He is from Galicia and I am from Tarragona. Right now I feel immense sadness, I feel that I cannot adapt to the change in my online studies, it is strange for me to live with my parents again and I feel a terrible concern about what is going to happen with our relationship, we both want to continue and we will do everything we can necessary but perhaps that is not enough. I can not see anything clear I am overwhelmed and very scared.

Hello Sara, first of all, I want to congratulate you for chasing your dream so fiercely. It is admirable, leaving everything to go to a country so far away to be able to do the career you want. It is absolutely understandable that, having tried so hard and having found a partner with whom you are so well as to go live together, seeing that your entire plan is reeling from this pandemic you are (at least) overwhelmed. I want you to think about something, this situation is temporary, it will not last forever. In not long, you are going to return to Costa Rica, to be able to attend class in person and to live together. When one has anxiety, the mind always goes to the worst scenarios and anticipates misfortunes that rarely occur. From what you tell me, your relationship is strong, you have known each other well, and you even live together! I recommend that you try to maintain a sincere communication with him, tell him what worries you, share with him how you feel, what fears you have, and even what joys. Listen to him when he is the one who shares with you.