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Hecto as if he were living in a common home by force. She avoided sex life and said that she did not want to have children. Efforts that were not conclusive and all these situations ruined spiritually the client. With the exhaustion of patience in these behaviors, the discussions at home increased day by day.

Seeing that his wife, who is extremely distant and cold, he spends a lot of time on the phone, the client began to suspect this situation, and when he wanted to understand, he saw that the phone was kidnapped and encrypted. Then, the defendant possessed it and used it ………… 05. He requested the six-month call records of the numbered line to the corresponding GSM operator. These records were presented with the request. Within these records 05 ………. With the number, he saw that his wife was sending text messages and talking day and night, and learned that the number belonged to a foreigner. When he asked the defendant, he said he had sent him a text message to her girlfriend, who had problems in her marital life, and that the phone could have been registered on behalf of his wife . However, this statement did not satisfy the client and, as a result of the investigation of him, he learned that his wife had been married to him, even though he had been a friend before and was someone with whom he wanted to marry. He did not examine more thoroughly if the person interviewed was this person or who was him. When there were suspicions about the loyalty of his wife and he learned about them, he understood that the unbearable marital life would not work.

The interview records are among our evidence. Some statements about the numbers frequently interviewed in these records are reserved for now. One of the most interviewed numbers from the dates in the interview records by writing instructions to the corresponding GSM operator. We request the reception of the identity information of the line holder and, if necessary, the information of the direction of it to be cited before the court as a witness.

Finally, in the August 2015 debate at home, the defendant called his father and complained to his client. The Father of the defendant asked the client to the phone with the deceptive statements and declarations of his daughter and said that she would not come out of the house after insults on the phone, that he would go home and show her day .