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Considered one of the great contemporary poets, Gelman seeks in his works a transcendent language, through critical realism and intimacy, achieving a particular style. In the work of him merges the “verbal adventure” with social commitment and politician. He was forced to remain in exile for twelve years for the state political violence that was being developed in Argentina of the 1970s and during that period he wrote nine books. Between the wide work of it, titles like: velivo del solo, Gotán, under the rain of Alien, incompletely, and I must say I love you, among others. Gelman has been translated into ten languages. He obtained the Juan Rulfo Literature Prize in 2000. Recently the city of Buenos Aires honored him with the title of illustrious citizen. In 2007 he received the Cervantes Award.

To Mara always under the double sun of fury and grief life continues. Life is still under the double sun for fury and grief. Follow the life and turn the double sun for fury and grief. It is a resource to love a tree and other landscape humiliations. The splendor of time breathes on the shoulder of a woman. Thoughts who do not want to be seen away. The dream closes the door to start another. Suns Juan Gelman.

Alma Aguilar Alma Aguilar was born in Madrid in January 1976, within a family closely related to the world of art. After studies of design and pattern, in May 1998, with 23 years, he creates his own signature Alma Aguilar, and a year later, he opens in the alley of Jorge Juan de Madrid, the Alma Aguilar store. In November of that year, he opens his ateelier of sewing brides. It is in the year 2000 when the actress Salma Hayek, as one of the numerous and exclusive special clients of her, presents the ceremony of the Oscar technicians in Los Angeles, dressed by her. Alma Aguilar has been chosen in a multitude of occasions by Spanish institutions and organizations to represent and promote the image of Spanish fashion internationally, forming part with the presence and work of it, of itinerant exhibitions and projects of recognized prestige. Likewise, as a member of ACME (Association of Fashion Creators of Spain) since 2004, he has participated very actively in different national and international actions that have contributed to the creation of his clear brand identity and the recognition of his exquisite and delicate work . In 2008, after the successful admission of it at the New York Fashion Week, she develops an introductory, marketing and implementation plan in the US, as part of her international expansion plan.