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Being locked in the room all day is still going to make you feel more isolated, so try to occupy other spaces in the house and do some activity that interests you. Set yourself a few hours a day, (same hours to get up, go to bed, meals …) and if you like music or dance or do some physical exercise, you will see how it will help you feel better and calmer. Park your mobile, use it at specific times (not all day), and think positively, also in your relationship with your partner. Not having physical contact with the people we love is difficult, but luckily you have each other, listen to each other and see each other even if it is telematically. Make plans for when this is all over. This stage, believe it or not, can help strengthen your relationship.

PABLO: I have had depression and anxiety for years, for which I have been to a psychologist who has not been able to solve my problems and I am currently taking antidepressants again (psychiatrist). My life is rubbish, I don’t usually have a job, my parents are old (and I’m 29 years old)…. I do not have financial independence, friends, and I see my future more than black. Everything makes me not sleep, anxiety 24 hours, taking tranquilizers and on top of it locked at home. I need a solution to my life or I don’t see a way out.

Pablo, I understand that this situation makes you become even more aware of how your life is currently and that does not have to be negative. You should think that you are capable of doing many more things than you think to be better with yourself. The moment we live in is transitory, so take advantage of this situation in which we find ourselves to think about you and how to direct your life when this happens. It does not matter how long it takes, but rather that you feel that you are investing time and energy in yourself, in looking for solutions. As you have done in the past. There are very good professionals in online psychology, it could be a resource that you could count on to start a personal work again, where the specialist and you form a team, and where the two of you work together to find your well-being and find solutions to everything what worries you and creates suffering for a long time. Remember that treatment with antidepressants will help you feel better. Trust yourself. Much encouragement!.

I am quite an anxious person.