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Oh, and I lived in Montclair (lies). It was a bit deceiver, of course, but I said that the men I’m single would affect the answers to a single mother – and I asked for raw thoughts. I viewed their answers, I wrote what you say and what I have:

“It’s not an ideal situation for me. Looks like luggage and I don’t want to join baby dad dramas. “-Christopher, 22

“My mother was a single mother of most of my childhood, so I have very respect for single moms. I would definitely go to an appointment with a single mother and see where you can go. I don’t have kids, but I want the kids, so if there is already one or two, it’s a bonus. I would really be very cautious about getting closer to the child because I would feel bad if the child is connected. “-Jonah, 37

“I think it’s hurt. My friend was a single mother, and because of the matters of child care, their blueprints were always breaking or just watching a movie. My young and I want to have fun, out of the world, while sleeping in the bedroom in the world, not to be connected to someone’s living room. Also, my friend’s old was always a boy who wants to sleep on your mother’s bed and this would be a problem for me. I’m a man. I want all the advantages that come with an adult relationship. “-Jason, 31

“Most of my friends are divorced and a man has a child even after one night stand. I wouldn’t judge a woman if he had a child. You never know what life will throw you. Maybe her husband died. Maybe it’s like my friend and has a baby after you go out with someone. Because my friend’s stand-up is a man and I admire to the son, so my opinion about a woman doing the same job would be the same. This is great. “-Kevin, 41

“Not sure. I used to date my single mother who used to have too much trouble and have experienced too much dram. Also, his ex had problems with being with his daughter, because he was threatened by the relationship it created. He just seemed to have something that all of us standing on the way. “-Dave, 35

“Single mothers are norm, not? I wouldn’t suppose to be better or worse than a single woman. Of course, I’m going out with him. “-Joey, 28

“I bet there are very good snacks at your house. Fruits Roll-ups, pizza bagels and a cookie jar that is always full. “-Nate, 20 (and drunk.)

I went on my first appointment since my last spring marriage is over. It was also my first official history since I was 18 years ago – a dozen years ago. Apparently, the stay almost 31 years old is very different from being young. You are shocked, I know.

It was a blind date and the man was very good, but I will probably not go on a second appointment with him. There is a certain reason – it was a cute (very nice eye) established in his career (very nice eye) and we have shared similar backgrounds (we both went to the same small private university.) – but there was nothing really made there. I feel that I can’t expect to see him again.

Regardless, all this experience has made me think that my socks will grow in an early date on a date to allow me to accept a second.