why online dating is bad: Dating online includes a lot of horrible (but funny) tales

Almost everyone says they are alone not by their own decision but by their ex-partner, they do not regret married life, they are looking for a person with whom to spend their free time, holidays, pleasant moments, there are those who take extremes and only want occasional meetings and always different and those who want stable relationships so how do they get to know new people in their same condition, age group and with the same goals? They use online dating a lot.

Cupid is one of the most popular, it is free, it allows with its search, the possibility of use with smartphones and tablets and geolocation, to find people close to where you are or live.

In the card with which you are presented, you can put more photos, describe yourself, do tests whose results are shared and offer further information about yourself, launch messages to highlight yourself in the highest traffic pages, communicate with a easy-to-use messaging that alerts you for each new message received, even with an email notification if you activate it.

Great loves were born thanks to Cupid, some people got married, others left, as always happens, but it is difficult, if you present yourself for what you are, not to have interesting and fun experiences of acquaintances and meetings.

There are men who think that putting a nice profile, a nice photo and going hunting on the web … can provide a new adventure a week with annexes and connected and then move on to the next one, some women instead insert romantic descriptions clearly make it clear that they are looking for the perfect man who will love them all his life, handsome, nice, intelligent and rich. There are also figures complementary to these, women who go hunting .. like men and men who are looking for the perfect partner, the woman to marry.

Such high expectations will inevitably be disappointed, as happens in encounters not conveyed by online dating.

On Cupid there are messages from men, for example, who make it clear that they did not find what they are looking for at the first try, as if all the members were available to meet them immediately.

Online dating is like meeting live, everything must be prepared, people need time to get to know each other and to like each other, not all will accept an appointment. Same thing goes for those who dream of a romantic movie love, it does not even exist in reality because online dating should favor it, which is only a tool.

Cupid facilitates meetings, provides many profiles and many tools to find the person you like who has the same meeting goals, but you have to do the rest, like when you immerse yourself in real life and meet someone who strikes you. Good luck!

In each profile card of Cupid the zodiac sign is indicated, for those who believe it is a useful indication to understand in broad terms the character of a person and if he can get along with yours, just go to any specialized site to find out how are the men or women of the sign, for example this https://oroscopo.virgilio.it

Here are some indications: Aries gets along well with Leo and Sagittarius, Gemini can build a good bond with Libra and Leo, Taurus has good prospects with Leo but also with Cancer and Aquarius, Cancer is found well with Taurus, Pisces and Scorpio, Leo is fine with Taurus and Sagittarius, the sign of Virgo has a good chance with Capricorn and Libra, Libra has good affinity with those born under the sign of Cancer and Gemini, Scorpio can establish a good bond with Pisces, Leo and Cancer, Sagittarius is very well with Aquarius and Scorpio and also with Aries and Leo, Capricorn all right with Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus and Pisces, Aquarius is compatible with Gemini, Taurus and Aries, finally Pisces are in great harmony with Scorpio and Cancer.

The bencher looks for you at first, talks with you for hours, grabs your attention and heart and then … disappears for a while and no longer responds.

After a week, if you are not insistent and complaining, he comes back, because he is laying the foundations for his network … it’s not just you, it is likely that there are more options open, or that he already has a relationship but keeps you in reserve and in any case gratify his immense ego with your nice and funny text messages, he answers you, but the right one remains detached to begin to undermine your safety, you begin to ask but why doesn’t he look for me? Why does this first meeting never come?

The answer is simple, it is not his interest now, and maybe it never will be or maybe it will be too late when you no longer care.

He has “put you on the bench” and believes that you, like others, are willing to wait for him to turn his interest to you, to finally ask you to go out with him and that you will fall at his feet.

Most benchers are so narcissistic and insecure they don’t know who to choose and often don’t choose anyone, in some cases a bencher can be a shy guy who needs time to get to know you before meeting you live, who wants to be sure of compatibility among you, who wants to get to know you better and is not in a hurry, but in most cases you will have to deal with a narcissus from which it is better to run away, before falling into its net. If you want to accept his challenge instead, do like him, do not answer immediately when he looks for you, show that you are not hanging on your cell phone waiting for his call, live, go out having fun, if he finally proposes to go out with him, even if the your great desire is to see him immediately, procrastinate a little, tell him that you are busy and that you can see him the next day … you have your life and you do not change it for him and so, if you are good, maybe he will fall into your net , good luck! But be careful not to get hurt, always consider that there are men who don’t play these seductive games and who can give much more even if at first they might seem less interesting to you.

I talked about bencher men because in most cases this game is better mastered by men, but there are also women who do it very well and keep boys in love on the bench making them suffer exactly like some men do with the women in their network.

Upon registration, Cupid asks you what kind of relationship you are looking for, this is very important information because if you are a man, for example, and you are looking for a woman for a stable relationship or you are looking for her for a one night stand, the interest you can arouse in women browsing your listing is very different. It is certainly the best thing to get in touch with a woman or vice versa, who has the same goal as you even if nothing prevents things from changing during the acquaintance.

Therefore, clearly declaring that you are on Cupid because you are looking for love, or just meeting opportunities and then you will see or fun without following, helps a lot in selecting people who may interest you.

What are you waiting for? Complete your profile and show yourself for who you are and what you want, the rest will be your story.