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With Mars retrograde you find yourself less tolerant: don’t let anger get the upper hand, act without haste. You would just like to seize the moment, keeping the holiday lightness, but good professional opportunities await you around the corner. Your mantra It’s not my turn yet. You do not feel fit, your body sends you signals that you cannot ignore: you have to rest! Venus in Leo and Mars in Aries ignite the senses and the imagination, and provoke encounters, infatuations … THE ENCOUNTER That Capricorn has smiles only for you. Scorpio values ​​sweetness, not provocation.Love: your intentions are good, but one word too many can ruin a favorable situation. As a couple, there is a desire for renewal, but an excess of enthusiasm risks giving an inopportune acceleration. Eros: you are unstoppable and for this you could put too much effort into it. Hot.

Above all, you need the people you love to be close to you: get away from those who do not support you. Contrasting Venus and Uranus speak of transparency in love: the truth must be told at all costs. Enjoy the family. Your mantra I let the emotions take over. It is a week that should be spent in peace, without taking on the weight of serious problems, without taking on heavy commitments. And a little diet to detoxify wouldn’t hurt you. THE MEETING Attracted by Leo and Libra. Nice evenings with the Gemini. The Cancer you love now seems … distracted. Love: days of relaxation are guaranteed until 23, even if the holidays are a memory. In couples there is laziness, the more experienced partners do not experience great emotions and this causes discontent. Singles are taken from their home and forget their passion. Eros: You prefer to think about it and stay still. Very slow.

Loyalty comes first: you want to know who to trust and you can keep your word. If you miss the holidays, recreate a relaxing atmosphere at home. Difficult Mercury and Uranus speak of accounting or administrative oversights – double check everything. Your mantra Creativity awakens. Until Tuesday you can take on: professional initiatives, entertainment and new friends. Then things get complicated. You have to become cautious, even a little cautious. And keep quiet. At home but also at work. THE ENCOUNTER It may be adorable, but that Pisces has flaws that are hard to ignore. Good relationships with Libra.Love: Mercury favors hit and run relationships. You will have plenty of fun with someone you met online or introduced by a friend. As a couple there is great complicity, you will return to play as kids, at any age. Eros: you could surprise yourself with special effects. Playful.

Suddenly you find yourself impatient, because of the Moon in your sign that sharpens the emotions. It’s not all bad. It also gives you a good dose of courage, making you refuse yet another request for favors. Where do you want to be in ten years? Are you on the right track? Your mantra I look beyond. You are surrounded by people who are a bit like that … you work in a climate of tension: it seems that everyone has nothing better to do than plot. Do not refuse the support that can come from authoritative people. THE MEETING Being submissive with Sagittarius is useless: get out of your grit and assert your reasons. Ok with Leo.Love: the squaring of Mars and Mercury puts a strain on relationships with relatives, children or with busy people who do not give you anything. You wonder if you shouldn’t leave them. Hustle and bustle at home and some headaches at work. Eros: it is the last of thoughts so the partner turns his face. Touchy.

You have the impression of having to fight continuously, to defend your things and the ideas you believe in.